How It Works - Online Estate Sale Companies 

What have we sold? What haven’t we sold might be the better question! Fine art worth thousands of dollars, framed prints worth tens of dollars. Precious jewelry, costume jewelry, giant Chinese vases, tiny Chinese vases, a set of two dozen matched dining chairs, an entire warehouse full of collectibles and movie props, tractors, appliances, complete offices full of computers and cubicles, furniture made hundreds of years ago and furniture made last year. Estates decorated by high-end interior designers and estates decorated by your grandmother back in the ’50s.

When the entire world is your marketplace, there is a market for just about anything. The key is to know what you have, know who wants it, and market it well.


Our experts know their stuff

That’s where our estate sale companies specialists come in. Our expert antique and jewelry appraisers and marketing staff have decades of collective experience. We use the standards and guidelines of the American Society of Appraisers, in addition to our deep knowledge of the market for both everyday and high-value items. Some items will achieve higher prices through a live auction at our sister site, Peachtree & Bennett. If so, our appraisers will help you decide which service is best for you. Read our About Us page to get to know us better!


Marketed to sell

Once we’ve determined what you have, we zero in on how best to present, display, and market it. Using photography, descriptions, keywords, and SEO best practices, we set up your items to do their best in our online auctions. Because items remain at your location during the sale, the handling and transportation costs are lower – leading to more money in your pocket.


We worry about all of the details

If you’ve ever tried to sell something on eBay or another auction site on your own, you know how many details there are to worry about. Are the photographs high enough quality? Are you reaching the right buyers? (Are you reaching any buyers?) Have you priced it too high or too low? Can you trust the buyer to send payment promptly? How do you go about packing the item? How on earth do you send a giant armoire across the country? When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about any of these questions because we take care of listing, pricing, marketing, shipping and payments for you!


Sales on your schedule

Need to clear out a house in a hurry to put it on the market? Or do you need to spend some time deciding whether it’s really time let go of Great Aunt Mary’s enormous dining table? Whatever your time frame is, we will make the auction process work for you.